The reasons to select CSL are as numerous and as varied as the Customers we serve and the dedicated, specialized products we manufacture for them. While we are restricted by Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements from revealing specific customer names, we work for the largest and most respected local and multi-national firms in the Chemicals Industry. These customers have selected CSL for the following reasons, among many others:

Dedication to Custom Toll ManufacturingCSL exists only to serve our customers. Our equipment, operations, expertise and abilities are reserved for their use. WE DO NOT MANUFACTURE FOR OUR OWN SALES. Each project we undertake is dedicated to the specific customer's needs. We use our customer's recipes, raw materials and guidelines to produce products only for them, to their exact specifications and in the precise quantities they require. Our goal is to be a seamless extension of our customer's manufacturing base. This allows our customers to focus on their own corporate objectives of profitability, innovation and research, manufacturing excellence, capital conservation, flexible supply and logistics – or whatever those goals may be.

Superior IP protectionSingapore and CSL offer something to our customers that no one else in the region or the world can – peace of mind. Singapore has consistently been ranked as #1 in the world for Intellectual Property Protection. Additionally, as an experienced contract manufacturer who ONLY produces for our customers, CSL helps ensure your IP remains exclusively yours.

Among the earliest steps of each project evaluation with customers is the execution of a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This agreement binds us to protect the trade secrets and IP of the other, offering a level of protection unparalleled in the world.

Responsiveness Utilizing CSL saves you millions in CAPEX and gets product to your customers in the shortest time possible. By taking advantage of our existing expertise, infrastructure and equipment you can serve your growing customer base quickly and efficiently and respond immediately to changing market conditions.

Feedstock AvailabilityOur location on Jurong Island in Singapore is our key strength. We are pipeline connected to both Ethylene Oxide and Propylene Oxide – two of the most important building blocks of the chemical industry. In addition we have the ability to construct pipelines and connect with major bulk tank storage operators whose quayside jetties allows bulk shipments of unlimited quantities of raw materials and products.

The Ideal Location to do businessLocated in the heart of Southeast Asia, and less than eight hours flight from the majority of the world's population, Singapore offers the ideal location to do business in the region and globally. Backed by a stable and democratic government, encompassing an intelligent and highly motivated population, a stable currency and backed by strong body of contract law, Singapore is the ideal location to do business.

Excellent logistics and Logistical Support Singapore operates the most efficient port in the world. This means that our customers are assured that their products will reach their customers on time, every time. Additionally, raw materials shipments do not jeopardize production.

CSL maintains a staff of dedicated supply chain and logistics professionals. We have the ability to integrate seamlessly into our customer's ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle or Ross to ensure constant communication, support and service to the end customer.

We work with each customer to ensure production and consumption schedules support your customers. Additionally, we help our customers to determine the appropriate amount of inventory coverage at CSL to help make sure that an order placed is an order delivered.

Reliability and Manufacturing Excellence CSL maintains a world-class operating and maintenance staff. This helps to ensure best-in-class reliability and operational availability. What this means to our customers is that your products are available when you need them

A History of Success CSL's owners are experienced Chemical Industry professionals with a decades-long track history of success. Despite being a relatively new facility our on-site management alone counts over 100 years of collective experience commercial, operational, project execution and reliability functions in Chemicals. Our company experience encompasses all facets of contract toll manufacturing, custom processing, terminal and warehouse operations and packaging solutions. Our parent companies have offices and operations in both Asia and North America, ensuring best practice expertise and presence. Finally, our owners are involved with the business on a daily basis – ensuring rapid decision making and issue resolution.

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